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About Us

Blueground Technologies was founded in 2000 with the goal of providing cutting-edge inventory management solutions for the wholesale diamond and gem trades.

We are keenly aware of the rapid changes in technology which often poses challenges for today's businesses.  Today businesses are more mobile and move at a much faster pace than even a few years ago. Business owners are aware of these changes, but many do not have the knowledge, time, or money to transition their operations and enable their company to compete in the marketplaces of the 21st century.

Our cloud-based service DIAMOND TRACK Online addresses these needs and provides significant advantages over traditional desktop software. Our service enables companies to manage their inventory and most of their business operations from any location, and on almost any device. It can significantly reduce expenses relating to in-house technology infrastructure. In addition, it provides tools to enable real-time access to inventory from any location.

DIAMOND TRACK Online was launched in 2012. Prior to that we produced a Windows desk-top application called Diamond Track (no longer available) which was released in 2001.  Today our cloud system is serving hundreds of customers throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle-East.  

DIAMOND TRACK Online can serve a wide range of companies. It is particularly well suited for industries that deal in consignment inventory. Our system was designed so that we can add new inventory types and support new industries in just a few days. Below are examples of additional inventory types that DIAMOND TRACK Online could easily accommodate.

  • Collectibles of any type

  • Antiques

  • Fine Art

  • Wines and Spirits

  • Collectors Stamps

  • Bank Notes, Paper Currencies and Coins


Our principals and developers have extensive experience with inventory management and financial transactions and have developed information systems for a number of industries including diamonds, jewelry, gemstones, legal, pharmaceutical, and real estate.

Interested in using DIAMOND TRACK Online for your industry?


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