Jay Friedman - Principal

Jonathan's Fine Jewelers

I have been in the Jewelry business my entire life and the one area that seems to have always be an after thought in the industry is software. We have had several systems that were not user friendly and never did exactly what we needed them to do. We are an upstairs jeweler that does a combination of wholesale and retail and needed an inventory system that could handle both.

We were introduced to Diamond Track Online by another company who we have done business with for many years and decided to give a new software yet another try. We have now had the Diamond Track system for almost a year and couldn’t be happier. Its EXTREMELY user friendly, I can access it anywhere I can get cellular or internet service and the customer service is awesome. Any issues we have had have been given immediate attention and the staff is always making upgrades to the system which they alert you to quickly.


Feel free to email me if there are specific questions. Jay Freedman, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, Houston, Texas.


We are big fans of the Diamondtrack Online edition. To have access to our company's daily workings and being able to complete tasks easily while on the go have been huge improvements to the way we are able conduct business and communicate with each other.

We've had a pretty seamless transition to the online edition from the desktop version and are very happy with our decision. I would recommend this product for anyone looking to upgrade their organizational patterns and certainly anyone looking to expand their business. Having more time to put towards ideas instead of common task work is essential and DT-Onine helps us do that

Bobby Bhansali 
Diagem Inc.


We are thrilled with DIAMOND TRACK Online and are very happy we chose it. The software is exceptional, the best in its class. It does everything it is supposed to do and more. Many of our clients use DIAMOND TRACK Online as well which makes it much easier to work since we all use the same memoing and invoicing methods, and can quickly exchange memos and invoices.  Integration is so important. There are no workarounds or extra work for us. The customer service is excellent, with fast and friendly responses. Having a web application is a huge benefit as I can now work from my laptop and even my phone when I am away from the office.


Kay Kostelny

Graduate Gemologist

Jeweler's Mutual Insurance Group


I have researched many industry platforms. Nothing comes close to Diamond Track especially as it relates to its user interface. It is extremely easy to learn and use which is great when training new employees. The functionality was created in a way that lets one do all transactions quickly with the least number of steps possible. They are constantly trying to make the platform better and adapting to the latest technology trends.   


David Gross, CEO


We are long time patrons of DIAMOND TRACK. Through the years, David (David Solomon - CEO) and his team has helped us on a solid business trajectory. Diamond Track understands the demands of the diamond/jewelry industry as they are always ready to serve the necessary applications and features to simplify our company’s needs. Cloud based inventory management is user-friendly, it is an anytime and anywhere convenience to work at home, in office, or aboard. The software’s resourcefulness allows our connection to various industry platforms with diligence and reliability.

Ronen Twiss, CFO


The team at Diamond Track has created hands down the most powerful software for the jewelry industry. We are proud to say they are the new backbone of our company. The head of the support team, Elizabeth, is an absolute powerhouse. Setup was a breeze and was done over a weekend and we were ready to continue business as usual on Monday morning. Thank you to the team, you have given our business the tech advantage it has needed to grow. 

Raffi Donikian
Doner Diamonds


We use Diamond Track for our 2 separate companies. We have been with them early on since they first released their original desktop system back in 2001. The system is very easy to use. Their staff work very hard on upgrading the system with new features. Their service is very good. I always have a representative get back to me in a timely manner.  


Jeff Greenwald

Diamex Inc & Pintura Diamonds

We no longer update our customer list on our site.  It has not been updated since 2016. We now have over 200 customers worldwide.  Please contact us for more information.