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Powerful and affordable cloud-based inventory management solutions for wholesale and B2B operations.


DIAMOND TRACK Online℠ was designed with mobility in mind. Access your inventory and run your business from anywhere on almost any device. You won't miss anything just because you are away from the office.

Works well with almost any Internet connected mobile device and is now available as a native 

iPhone and Android app. 

Inventory Management

DIAMOND TRACK Online℠ gives you complete control of your inventory. Track every stage of your inventory from purchase through final sale. Monitor inventory levels in real-time. Report on profitability and turnover. Be notified of inventory inquiries and requests as they come in. Easily distribute updated inventory lists with images and certificates to your customers. Process memos, invoices, payments, and returns in seconds.

  • Supports virtually any type of inventory for any industry

  • Automatic certificate data and images from major grading laboratories

  • Easily import inventory from Excel

  • Website plug-ins - Provide inventory searching on your own website

  • Images & videos

  • Location tracking

  • Multiple selling prices

  • Automatic data and image feeds to websites

  • Easily send inventory listings with images and videos to your customers

Customer Management

Our accounts module simplifies your customer account management, granting you swift access to all essential details and statuses.


Effortlessly add conversation notes and set reminders, which can be delivered to you and others via email, text, and displayed on your homepage. Review the complete transaction history at a glance.

Our financial snapshot feature, offering a robust overview of aged receivables, sales rankings, and informative sales and payment graphs among other insights. Experience seamless account handling with our innovative solution.

  • Customer ratings

  • Financial snapshots

  • Quotes

  • Email blasts

  • Account statements

  • Notes and reminders

Financial Transactions

Creating and processing transactions is a breeze. Select items directly from your inventory lists and add onto memos, quotes, or invoices in seconds. Process returns in seconds. Our summary views make it easy to search for transactions and see current status and aging.​

  • Purchases

  • Invoices

  • Consignments & memos

  • Customer & supplier payments

  • Aged receivables

  • Multiple payment terms

  • Supports multiple currencies

  • Email invoices & memos directly

Cloud Benefits

Cloud Benefits

Why should you consider running your business in the cloud?


When your business is in the cloud you can access it from anywhere. With DIAMOND TRACK Online℠ you can work just as effectively from home or out-of-town as you can from your office. Works well on PC's Mac's, tablets, and smart phones.  Now that is freedom!


Cloud-based software can foster collaboration by providing easy access to your inventory to remote salespeople, managers, and business partners. DIAMOND TRACK Online℠ goes a step further and makes it possible to share and integrate your inventory with your business partners and to integrate their inventory into yours. *Both companies need to be DT Online members

Reduced costs

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows you to subscribe to the service without any major investment upfront. No more worries about maintaining servers and updating PCs with software upgrades. Scalable to fit your current needs with ability to upgrade and access additional features in minutes.


Whether you have a hundred inventory items or hundreds of thousands, DIAMOND TRACK Online℠ has the capability to rapidly scale to handle almost any volume of inventory or transactions. Unlike companies that maintain their own servers and software, you won't have to worry about purchasing new hardware or paying for technicians to handle your expansion.

Automatic Updates

Another big advantage is that we can introduce new features to our cloud-based service much faster than traditional desktop applications. The minute we put out an update you have full access to it

Automatic inventory feeds to major trade and retail sites


Automatic certificate data and images from leading labs 


Other Industries

Although DIAMOND TRACK Online was originally created for the wholesale diamond trade (hence the name), our service works with almost any type of inventory and can support many other industries​ such as:

  • Independent booksellers

  • Vinyl records, CD's, and other media

  • Collectibles of any type

  • Antiques

  • Fine art

  • Wines and spirits

  • Vintage bank notes, paper currencies, coins, and stamps


Interested in using DIAMOND TRACK Online℠ for your industry?

We'll be happy to discuss the needs of your industry and business.

Call us today at (212) 682-5301

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