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Jay Freedman
Jay Freedman - Principal
Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers
I have been in the Jewelry business my entire life and the one area that seems to have always be an after thought in the industry is software. We have had several systems that were not user friendly and never did exactly what we needed them to do. We are an upstairs jeweler that does a combination of wholesale and retail and needed an inventory system that could handle both.

We were introduced to Diamond Track Online by another company who we have done business with for many years and decided to give a new software yet another try. We have now had the Diamond Track system for almost a year and couldn’t be happier. Its EXTREMELY user friendly, I can access it anywhere I can get cellular or internet service and the customer service is awesome. Any issues we have had have been given immediate attention and the staff is always making upgrades to the system which they alert you to quickly.

Feel free to email me if there are specific questions. Jay Freedman, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, Houston, Texas.

Samuel Williams Company
Sparta, TN
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