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  Lite Small Business Premium Enterprise
Membership price per month* $ 100.00 $ 200.00 $ 300.00 $ 400.00
One-time set up fee: $500.00

* Plus 8.375%  NYS tax (NY companies only)

Features and prices are subject to change.

Consignments (Memorandums)
Memo-in (incoming consignments)
White Diamonds
Fancy Colored Diamonds
Matching Diamonds  
General Inventory
Finished Jewelery
Jewelery Manufacturing (Lite)  
Parcel Mixing  
Location Transfers  
Manual Inventory Uploads
  • Rapaport
  • IDEX Online
  • DDC
  • Polygon
Automatic Uploads
  • Rapaport
  • IDEX Online
  • DDC
  • Polygon
  • BlueNile
  • R2Net
Automatically pull certificate data
  • GIA
  • AGS Online
  • IGI
  • HRD
  • EGL - Hong Kong
Export inventory & transactional data (Local backup)
Diamond Import Utility (Excel)
Matching Diamonds Locator  
Physical Inventory Utility    
e-Memos (Incoming & Outgoing)    
e-Invoices (Incoming & Outgoing)    
Security - IP Address Lockdown    
Sarine Loupe integration
Rotatable 3D images
Segoma Image integration    
Automated inventory list e-blast      
Company Divisions (sub-companies)      
FedEX shipping & tracking      
Inventory Module for Websites      
Cost for additional company  Full subscription Full subscription Full subscription 50% off
Cost for each additional user  $10.00 $15.00 $20.00 5 Included
$25.00 ea add'l

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